yosewphoto: anything but ordinary :)

Yosewphoto: two girls in love with photography.

We decided to move our blog to word press, it’ll give us a bit more opportunities and tools to promote our work. So here we are: yosewphoto= in love with photography

Yosew Photography: anything but ordinary :)

That’s our motto.

After some work with our website we got a completely new look and design. Its definitely better, brighter and a 100% professional. Have a look: https://yosewphoto.com/

I have to say that I really enjoy all that changes,. Each of us has a different way of looking at world and when you love what you doing you can get the best results. So you creating new graphic, lots of Christmas cards: lovely and warm with angels, stars, snow and birds. I spent a couple of days improving a website. We got a new (old) camera: Rollop: that’s give us a completely new angle, a fresh look at art of taking photos. That’s exiting, challenging and great.  It look like that we are a good team.

Yosew Photography: Creative, Natural & Friendly Lifestyle Photography.

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