Engagement photos: why have a pre wedding shoot?


A Pre wedding shoot. Necessary or not ?

What is a pre wedding shoot?

Just a hint, a pre wedding shoot are not photos of the bride getting ready. That is known as “bridal preparation” and include all the beautiful photos of the bride and bridesmaids getting ready. Bridal preps will include photos of the bride having her makeup and hair done, sharing a glass of champagne, photos of the bride putting her wedding dress, veil and shoes. The bride preparations photos will take place on the day of the wedding, just a couple of hours before the couple says: ‘I do’.

So, what is the famous pre wedding shoot? A pre wedding shoot will take place a couple of month before your wedding day. We include it a free pre wedding/engagement photo session with our current wedding package. It’s a great way to meet the couple before the wedding. It’s fun and relax time and one of our favourites from all different shoots and packages which we offer.

We’re always very happy and exited to meet a couple that have chosen us as their wedding photographers. For most couples which we meet the idea of spending an hour in front of camera is  a bit intimidating. The pre wedding photo session is a great way to get away of that fear, it is a fantastic opportunity for us to get to know you , and equally important , for you to get to know us. So on your wedding day we will be a familiar faces. We promise laugh and fun during pre wedding photos, you’ll enjoy yourselves. Honest!


A pre wedding shoot prepares you for how we work as photographer. No stiff poses only fun and friendly way to direct you during photo shoot, listening to your story and make you relax: real emotions and genius smiles.


Where should we have the shoot?

It really depends on you. If you got your favourite spot in town, coffee place or you enjoy the walking, or just want to visit some places that mean something to you as a couple we’ll be happy to discover the location with you and we are always really open to suggestions!


What time is best for the shoot?

It all depends, you got interesting light all day long but the softest light for your engagement photo shoot can either be found around an hour before sunrise or around an hour before sunset. We’ll try to arrange a photo shoot for a time most convenient for you although sunset is usually more practical, for obvious reasons, especially in the summer !


What to wear?

Wear something you feel comfortable in. Dress up a little bit, as that will make the shoot feel more special, however the most important thing is that you feel comfortable. We’ll probably walk around a bit, so do wear comfortable shoes and don’t bring big bags or massive coats as well as don’t have any bulky items in your pockets ( phones! ).

What will happen on the day?

We’ll start off by having a wander around the location you have chosen. We’ll have a chat and I’ll brief you about what’s going to happen.  And we’ll start shooting photos, I’ll generally ask you to have a cuddle during the shoot and sometimes a kiss, we’ll laugh and talk.

The engagement shoot/ pre wedding shoot is usually combined with pre-wedding consultation so we’ll sit down somewhere and talk about your wedding day, over a cup of coffee.

And that’s it.  A chance for us to spend some time together and capture some beautiful shots of the two of you, as a reminder of your engagement. You’ll have selection of images that can be used for ‘save the date’ cards,  wedding invitations, announcements and guestbooks.


If you are looking for a wedding photographer to photograph your wedding, we’d be honored if you would consider us and get in touch using the form below.